Monday, September 30, 2019

Campaign Speech Essay

To our beloved beautiful, sexy and ever dynamic campus administrator Dr. Ma. Evengeline P. Perez, to the different chairs of different departments, to the faculty and staff of this institution, to my co-aspirants and to the best students of the whole world, a pleasant afternoon to each in everyone. We are convened here this afternoon for another remarkable and momentous activity in our lives as students, for this afternoon’s activity is considered as one of our greatest decision-making in our lives as students. A wise decision in choosing a leader who will serve as your voice and will hear and answer your queries towards your rights as one of the important stakeholders of this institution. My fellow Cenphilians, the man standing in front of you right now is an aspirant to become a leader, who had bore in mind that being a leader is not an opportunity to rule over the others nor to enslave other people. For me, becoming a leader is a great challenge and responsibility to continue the good administration done by the previous people in authority on the Supreme Student Government or otherwise known as the SSG. I being an aspirant leader of the said organization, would like to continue hearing your voices as what the previous administration did, in order that you can express and exercise your freedom of speech. And I as an aspirant, will serve as your stairway that your voices will be recognized as a student until everything will be okay. And as been said by a not so intelligent creature in the cartoon Spongebob Square Pants, â€Å"Everything will be okay at the end; if it is not okay, yet it is not the end† that is according to Patrick the Starfish. Yes this is really true my fellow cenphilians, and actually one of the reasons why I ran on this organization is that I want to encourage and influence everyone to pursue your dreams. If you haven’t ask me, I am one of the indigent students of this institution but still I am strong enough to overcome the challenges in life being a student. The courage I have in myself, forces me to ran as a leader, thinking that if God’s well, I can influence others in a positive way. And if ever I may not be lucky enough today, still I can assure you, you can still come on me for some motivations and advices, and I will never hesitate myse lf to help and comfort you in terms of your problems. Cause I ran thinking that I am not just be a leader but also will set myself as your â€Å"Manong† who is willing to guide and help you in terms of any unavoidable  difficulties in school or even outside the school premises (financially not involve). I can also be your friend for I am willing to render an extra ordinary services for the goodness of everybody that will enhance our personality for the betterment of the entire community. Lastly, I ran as a president on the SSG execom with a purpose of having a positive changes in our institution throughout my leadership to maintain our name on top, CPSU CAUAYAN UNIVERSITY CAMPUS, and I want that changes to be solicited from you. For I believe, as what a wise man says that, a good leader is always a good follower and yes Indeed. And if ever I became a leader, I want a fair treatment to every students, and being a president in God’s well is not my only chance but everybody’s chance to express your thoughts and ideas for the betterment of the campus, because hopefully, I Arjay T. Bando a 3rd year BEED student, is an open-minded, trustworthy and approachable person is ready to serve you my fellow Cenphilians with all my heart and up to the best that I can. Of course, all of these things would not be materialized without your support my fellow Cenphilians. Let us work in hand and hand, all together for the success of our plans. So I am asking for your full support to please vote me, don’t forget my name Arjay Bando aspiring to be the next President of the Supreme student Government for the school year 2015-2016,and together with my senators â€Å"maga isa kita padulong sa kauswagan sng aton Institution†. Read more:  Campaign Speech Examples

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